When the National Sons of Utah Pioneers Headquarters Building was built in the early 1980s, the walls of the main foyer were reserved for large wall plaques to memorialize the Pioneers who came to the Utah Territory. Two classifications of Pioneers are memorialized.

  • Those who arrived before the Railroad (May 10, 1869), including those who died en route.
  • Those who came after the Railroad but before Utah became a state (January 4, 1896).

These biographies are available at the SUP national library.  For information, phone toll free 1-866-724-1847

SUP members have been encouraged to submit the names of their pioneer ancestors and a brief biography of each. A donation for each name memorialized is necessary to pay for the cost of the plaques and to assist in the financial support of the building. As of January 2007 over 5,000 pioneer names have been memorialized. An index to those who have been memorialized is available on the links at the bottom of this page.

Although many names of pioneers have been submitted through the years, there are still thousands of pioneers whose names are not yet included on our plaques. All descendents of Pioneers are encouraged to review the indexes to determine if their ancestors have been memorialized. If not, they are encouraged to submit their ancestor’s names, their birth and death dates, and a short biography, to be housed in the SUP Library. The cost of this Pioneer Name Memorializations has been reduced to encourage more participation. Each head of family memorialized costs $35 and each spouse or child attached to that name costs $15. The funds generated pay for the plaques and the engraving. Excess funds are placed into a Capital Improvements account that is used to support improvements to the building and acquisition of furniture and equipment for the building, including the library.

Submissions for pioneer name memorializations may be made by filling out our form. CLICK HERE for a copy of the form. New wall plaques are prepared after each 350-500 names are received. Names of pioneers in process of being engraved are noted on temporary lists posted in the foyer. Questions may be addressed to:

The NSSUP Headquarters
or Toll-Free 1-866-724-1847


List of Current Memorializations

Arrived Before May 10th, 1869

Arrived After May 10th, 1869