College Scholarships

During the second half of the school year local chapters of the SUP in Utah invite their members, high school teachers and administrators, LDS seminary teachers and the general public to nominate outstanding high school seniors, both young men and young women, to apply for SUP “Tomorrow’s Pioneers” scholarships to colleges of their choice. These scholarships are usually in amounts of $500 to $1,000 each.

In recent years hundreds of college scholarships have been awarded by SUP chapters. Recipients of these scholarships have demonstrated in their own lives the following pioneer ideals:

  • That they have overcome significant personal challenges in their lives – physical, social or economic;
  • That they have practiced in their lives the character traits and virtues of the pioneers;
  • That they are free of drugs, or use of alcohol or tobacco, and are not in trouble with the law;
  • That they have a need they cannot meet on their own, for funds for college;
  • They may or may not be top scholars but they have the skills and motivation to succeed in college. Grades are important, but character is paramount.

Click here To read about some of the winners in recent years.

For more information or to submit an application, please contact a local chapter leader. You can find a list of local chapters and a contact telephone number here.