Welcome to the Sons of Utah Pioneers
Join with us as we celebrate the remarkable
Mormon Pioneers who blazed new trails across the
plains to the Rocky Mountains and on to the Pacific Coast.
Learn more of their struggles and accomplishments in settling the remote deserts of the Great Basin, the Snake River Valley and the Colorado River Plateau.
The Mission of
the National Society of
the Sons of Utah Pioneers
  1. Come to know our fathers, and turn our hearts to them, by studying and becoming acquainted with each through the various SUP events and activities.
  2. Preserve the memory and heritage of the early pioneers of the Utah Territory and intermountain west. We honor the pioneers for their faith in God; devotion to family; loyalty to church and country; hard work and service to others; courage in adversity; personal integrity; and unyielding determination.
  3. Honor present-day pioneers worldwide in many walks of life, who exemplify these same qualities of character.
  4. Teach these same qualities to the youth who will be tomorrow's pioneers.


National News & Notices

July 28, 4:00 p.m. to 8 p.m., S.U.P. Day at This is the Place Heritage Park in Salt Lake City. The second annual event will welcome all S.U.P. members and their families to This Is the Place Monument and Heritage Park. Admission is reduced to $5 per person at the gate on July 28. Advance tickets are available for as little as $2.50 per person. Discount tickets are only available from the SUP National HQ offices. Please call the office at (801) 484-4441 to order tickets. To learn more about Heritage Park, see www.thisistheplace.org.

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